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You have heard it before:

"Flower World - a world of flowers, plants and a whole lot more."

There is a new part to "a whole lot more" of Flower World.

Our web store, is an easy and convenient way to order dried herbs, apples and tropical fruits, as well as vinegars and green coffee beans. We have expanded our line of herbs by adding medicinal herbs, as well. 

We learned that most of the dried herbs sold in the U.S. are imported from all over the world. The FDA issued a report that stated, in part: "Twelve percent of imported dried spices contained "filth" such as insect fragments and rodent hairs. And about seven percent of leaf based seasonings, such as basil and oregano, contained bacteria including salmonella." This is a major concern, since the U.S. imports more than 80 percent of its spices being sold. The statistics also show that on average, we use about 3.6 pounds annually per person. For more detailed information check our web store at The tropical fruit comes from our 700 acre farm in Belize where the facilities have been approved by the USDA. All the processing and packaging is done at our Maltby facilities. All our dried fruits and vegetables are completely natural - nothing has been added in contrast with imported dried fruits currently on the market, that are colored artificially and treated with sugars and other ingredients to make them last longer.

Dried Apple Snacks
Available in varieties such as Honeycrisp, Fuji, Jonagold, Liberty and Gravenstein or as a mix. They come dried as apple fries with the peel attached or in slices without the peel. Read the interesting information on our web store site by clicking here to find out how good apples are for you and also how the peel can make the difference. They are available in 2.5 oz., 6 oz. and 10 oz. bags. A 10 oz. bag is the equivalent of almost 4lbs. of fresh apples and the cost is only $7.95. These apples are grown at our orchards in the Snohomish Valley and naturally processed without any additions or preservatives. Use as a healthy snack between meals or rehydrate for cooking and baking or for apple sauce. Click here to read how Cornell University supports the adage that an apple a day keeps the doctor away.

All our vinegars are made from apple cider produced from our apples grown in the Snohomish Valley. Not from commercial alcohol or imported apple juice from China. More than 70% of the apple juice consumed in the U.S. has been imported from China and a lot has been written about the contamination of arsenic and lead in products that  use apple juice from China. The Consumer Reports, in a 2014 publication, reported the continuing concern of the high levels of arsenic in imported juices. Click here to visit our web store for more information. We have the following 14 varieties available: plain, fire cider, lemon ginger, lemon turmeric, red wine, white wine, blueberry, herb infused pearl onion, herb infused purple basil, herb infused sage lemon, herb infused sage, lemon and rosemary, herb infused spearmint & lemon thyme, herb infused hot pepper, herb infused green basil.

Green Coffee Beans
Grown at our farm in Belize under the shade of mahogany trees! Available in half pound and one pound packages.

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