Maltby Produce Markets, Inc.

Gift Baskets

Stop in for one of our pre-made gift baskets or gift boxes ready to go!  Choose from a variety of our locally produced products including vinegars, dried fruit, herbs and wines. 

You can also purchase a selection of these locally produced items to make your own gift baskets 
to create a truly unique gift for your family, friends, co-workers or neighbors!

Apples! Apples! Apples!

We still have fresh apples available from our
Orchard in the Snohomish Valley!

Chehalis  ♦ 
Jonagold  ♦  Jonamac
Liberty  ♦  King  ♦  Red Jonagold

  $1.49 per lb

Green Gravenstein  

$1.99 per lb

Fall/Winter Harvest

For your dinner table we still are harvesting the following:

Apples  ♦  Asian Greens     Beets  
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Broccoli  ♦  Cabbage  ♦  Carrots  ♦  Cauliflower    Chard
Cilantro  ♦  Collards  ♦    Daikon  ♦ 
Fennel    Herbs    Horseradish  ♦  Kale  ♦  Kohlrabi  ♦  Leek
  ♦  Onions    Parcel  ♦  Parsley  ♦  Parsnips    Pears  
 ♦  Radishes  ♦  Rutabaga  ♦  Salad Mix    Spinach
Squash     Tomatoes ♦  Turnips

Squash Squash Squash
Hubbard 'Blue Ballet'

We grow a wide variety of 
Summer and Fall Squash. They 
are a healthy alternative in 
many delicious dishes and have 
a wide range of health benefits such as Antioxidant support, 
blood sugar regulation and
 boosts energy levels. 

Squash can be steamed, 
roasted, fried, grilled, sauteed, added to soups or used in
fresh salads. 

Squash are high in 
Vitamin A, C, Fiber, Potassium 
and other important vitamins.

Fall Squash

Acorn  ♦  Carnival
Delicata  ♦ Hubbard
Kabocha  ♦  Kuri
Spaghetti  ♦  Sugar Pie
Sunshine Kabocha
 Sweet Dumpling  ♦  Turkish Hat

Turkish Hat