Maltby Produce Markets, Inc.

We've got wool!! 

Our Romney herd has been shorn for the summer

and we are now offering raw, unwashed fleeces

for $10 per bag. We have black, gray-wash and creamy

white available. To arrange pick up, please call our

sister store Flower World, Inc. at 360-668-9575 or

425-481-7565 and ask for Kristie.

We have a wonderful animal farm, located behind the Market and along 196th Street. It is open to the public during our hours of operation.  You are welcome to walk through the outside park and inside cages to observe and enjoy the animals.  There are chickens, goats, peacocks, sheep and ducks.  There is a secure area where the peacocks and the ducks are, but you can walk through the gates to get a better look at them up close. There is a fenced-in, grassy area where the sheep and goats are fed and can roam during the day.  They might even come up to the fence and say 'hi' if you are lucky! 

Please remember: no dogs are allowed in this area, so that we can keep our animals safe.  Please do not feed any of the animals, especially the sheep or goats!  "Why" may you ask?

Sheep and goats are ruminant just like cows, deer and horses.  They have a four compartment stomach and in order to digest food, they have to re-chew their food several hours a day.  During this process, they produce methane and have to belch it out when ruminating.  Any sudden changes in their regular diet may interfere with that process and can be life threatening for the animal.