Maltby Produce Market
About twenty years ago, Flower World, our parent company, decided to diversify into vegetable and fruit production. The demand for locally produced vegetables and fruits was expanding rapidly. Since Flower World's growers and staff had over 50 years experience in plant production it seemed just one small step further to expand into food production. The demand for local produce with minimal food mileage seemed to be developing, and so it was the natural next step for us. You will find wonderful, fresh selections of produce, fruit, herbs and other products at our market. English cucumbers, tomatoes, eggplant and peppers are produced in covered greenhouses. Most of the other produce is grown in the fields. We are able to harvest and prepare the vegetables daily, assuring you the freshest quality. It is very likely that you will find a beautiful head of Red Leaf lettuce displayed in the market that was still growing in the fields ten minutes earlier!  Look for the 'Maltby Grown'  labels identifying the products grown by us.

An extensive selection of potted herbs is available for sale during the spring and summer months in our attached greenhouse. Fresh herbs are grown and harvested daily in our many fields. Need fresh cilantro, basil leaves, oregano, thyme, dill, bay laurel, lemon verbena? We have it all!  Fresh eggs are gathered twice a day from our free range laying hens. There are peacocks, ducks,  geese, Pygmy/Nubian goats and sheep to entertain you and your family. Bring your kids and grandchildren. They would love to see the animals in action!

There is on-going interest in, and desire to eat, healthier fresh foods. There has been renewed enthusiasm for preparing meals at home. If you like the 'healthy approach' than make us your weekly fresh produce stop!